Coronavirus: do not pointlessly stock up on medicinal products

date: 19/03/2020

Certain stocks of over-the-counter medicinal products have been selling out rapidly in Belgian pharmacies recently as many citizens are stocking up on medicinal products. There are still sufficient wholesale stocks of medicinal products in Belgium, but to avoid a shortage, the FAMHP asks all citizens not to pointlessly stock up on medicinal products.

No medicinal products shortage anticipated

Following the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), FAMPS has observed that pharmacy stocks of medicinal products are being exhausted more rapidly than normal. The FAMHP would like to reassure citizens that new stocks will be delivered and no shortages are anticipated.

Think of others: do not stock up on medicinal products

In order to avoid shortages in the future, the FAMHP asks you not to pointlessly stock up on medicinal products, as this could indeed cause temporary unavailability and put patients in danger. Only buy the quantities of medicinal products that really need now.


With more particular reference to medicinal products only containing paracetamol, the FAMHP has asked pharmacies (physical public and online) not to supply more than one box of paracetamol per patient, in the absence of a medical prescription to the contrary.

We are counting on everyone’s sense of responsibility to ensure that medicinal products reach all of the patients who really need them. Let’s work together.

Last updated on 24/03/2020