Flash VIG-news: PARACETAMOL - Reminder of the correct posology and precautions

date: 07/05/2018

The FAMHP reiterates the guidelines that were published in July 2014 about the correct posology and certain precautionary measures when using medicines based on paracetamol. The therapeutic indication of paracetamol is the symptomatic treatment of fever and pain.

Recently it was suggested in the press that some patients do not always receive the necessary information about the correct use of paracetamol. Because therapeutic doses and toxic doses are very close to each other, it is important to comply with the dosage instructions. The FAMHP therefore reiterates the guidelines for the correct use of paracetamol.

As mentioned in the communication of 08.07.2014 licence holders are invited to check whether the safety information of these guidelines has already been included in the summaries of the product characteristics (SPCs) and in the package information leaflets of their medicines.

Like all medicines paracetamol is systematically followed up. Any new safety information can lead to a communication that is evaluated at European level and then, where necessary, the SPCs and the package information leaflets are adapted.

Last updated on 14/05/2018