Recommendations of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding radiopharmaceuticals

In response to the shortage of Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) on the European market, the EMA organized on February 4-5th 2010 the workshop "Current use and future needs of radiopharmaceuticals labelled with radionuclides produced in reactors and possible alternatives". The workshop primarily addressed the current use and future role of radionuclides that are produced in reactors (in particular Tc-99m) and which are being used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in nuclear medicine.

During the workshop a number of other radiopharmaceuticals and investigations in the field of medical imaging were discussed, which could possible serve as an alternative in periods of Tc-99m shortage. A number of “priority indications” were also defined which should get full priority during periods of Tc-99m shortage. The conclusions and recommendations of the workshop were recently published in a report at the website of the EMA and can be found through the following link:


Further information regarding the shortage of Tc-99m is available on this website under the following link:


Last updated on 09/07/2010