Warning against online sales of counterfeit medicine Seresto®, an anti-flea and anti-tick collar for cats and dogs

date: 23/08/2021

A counterfeit version of the medicine Seresto® collar for cats and dogs is being sold through Dutch online stores. The FAMHP warns against pet health hazards.

The online stores involved are established in the Netherlands and sell said prescription only medicine for veterinary usee. After ordering and payment, the buyer receives counterfeit products supplied from China. They have a scent of citronella, whereas the legal medicines are odourless. The counterfeiting is found in all packaging forms of Seresto®.

Said online distributors are established abroad. According to Belgian law those online stores are not allowed to supply medicines for veterinary use to Belgian customers, yet they do so. Within the legal distribution circuit – retail pharmacies and veterinarians - those counterfeit medicines do not occur.

Medicines sold over the internet outside the legal circuit are not being controlled by the competent authorities and healthcare professionals. Hence, there are no guarantees as to their authenticity, quality, safety and efficacy, nor for the correct use of said products. Using counterfeit medicines may entail health hazards.

Seresto® is a authorised prescription only medicine for veterinary use for flea treatment and prevention and it has a tick repellent action through its active substances imidacloprid and flumethrin. Different dosages exist, depending on the species and weight of the animal to be treated.

The FAMHP insists to purchase all medicines for veterinary use through the legal medicine sellers in Belgium and issues a reminder that it is prohibited in Belgium to sell prescription only medicines over the internet.

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Last updated on 23/08/2021