Special Investigation Unit


Special Investigation Unit

General e-mail address



General phone number

+ 32 2 528 40 00

Key tasks

  • Combating illegal practices with medicines and health products. This involves official investigations, assistance to the judicial authorities and police (or at the request of other institutions) and customs services, particularly for checks of postal packages from third countries
  • The unit’s transversal role, the activities of SOE-USE involve intensive internal and external collaboration. First and foremost, with the other services of the DG INSPECTION but also with other services of FAMHP. Externally, at the national level, in the form of a network for collaboration between FPS Justice, police, customs services, the FASFC and the FPS Economy through various forms of multidisciplinary consultation
  • SOE-USE frequently collaborates with the same actors at the international level, in the context of specific files as well as annually recurring actions or biennial meetings such as Pangea, WGEO of HMA or CMED of the Council of Europe
Last updated on 09/10/2017