Grey area

For some products it is not always clear what their status is.

They are in the "gray area" between medicinal products, food supplements, cosmetics, biocides, nutrients or products of regular consumption.

The Mixed Commission, set up by the Royal Decree of 28/10/2008 clarifies the status of these products.

The Mixed Commission is composed of representatives from:

• FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment: DG Animals, Plants and Food and DG Environment
• FPS Economy, SMEs, and Energy

Its mission is to express an opinion on cases of products for which there is doubt about the status.

The Minister or his representative makes a decision based on that opinion.

This review may be requested by a manufacturer who wants to be clear about the status of his product for the relevant public services or for third parties.

There is a commission for medicinal products for human use and one for medicinal products for veterinary use.













Last updated on 16/12/2020