Killapods is considered to be a medicinal product

date: 27/11/2020

Based on the risk to the consumer, the Joint Commission’s Chamber for products for human considers Killapods nicotine pouches medicinal product by function.

The The Joint Commission’s Chamber for products for human use, which is responsible for issuing an opinion in order to determine under which legislation a product falls, has been evaluating Killapods. Given the risk to the consumer, they reached the conclusion that Killapods nicotine pouches should be considered medicinal products by function.

Why issue an opinion on Killapods?
Although this preparation is similar to Swedish snus (tobacco powder) in its nicotine dosage and in the way it is used, it also has one big difference: Killapods does not contain tobacco. Killapods is therefore not regulated by Directive 2014/40/EU which prohibits the sale of Swedish snus in the European Union (except Sweden).

However, the SCENIHR (Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks) believes that nicotine at such a dosage and used in this way has addictive potential. It is therefore necessary to take steps against Killapods that take into account its specific characteristics and the way in which it is consumed.

Why a medicinal product by function?
Nicotine is a toxic substance for which the lethal dosage often cited in the literature is 60mg. The addition of additives to oral nicotine pouches Killapods make their pH more alkaline, thereby increasing the absorption of nicotine. This therefore poses a risk to the consumer. That is the reason why the Joint Commission’s Chamber for products for human use is of the opinion that Killapods is a medicinal product by function.

What are the consequences of such an opinion?
As Killapods is classified as medicinal product, a marketing authorisation is. Without this, the product is prohibited for sale in Belgium.

Last updated on 24/12/2020