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Killapods is considered to be a medicinal product

Based on the risk to the consumer, the Joint Commission’s Chamber for products for human considers Killapods nicotine pouches medicinal product by function.

Illegal skin whitening agents confiscated in Brussels

More than 1 800 illegal skin whitening agents were confiscated in seven shops in a coordinated action in Brussels. The vast majority are skin whitening agents containing corticosteroids which are very popular among the African community. The substances can cause severe side effects such as infections, scarring or adrenal gland insufficiency.

Watch out for identity theft for the illegal obtention of drug precursors

The FAMHP was confronted with a case of identity theft whereby company details where abused for the illegal obtention of drug precursors.

Communication of FAMHP and FPS Health on electronic cigarettes.

The federal agency for medicines and health products (famhp) and the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FPS public health) warn the public against electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes. They draw attention to the potential danger of these electronic devices and a number of problems they can cause.

Produits à usage vétérinaire dérivés du margousier : pas d’autorisation ni comme médicaments ni comme biocides

L’AFMPS rappelle que les produits « bio » dérivés du margousier, étiquetés comme contenant de l’azadirachtine, de l’extrait de margosa ou de l’huile de Neem, ne sont pas autorisés en Europe, ni comme médicaments, ni comme biocides. Leur efficacité, leur sécurité et leur qualité ne sont donc pas garanties.

1-5 from 5 result(s)