Conditions for reuse (Creative Commons-0 licence)

Unless stated otherwise, the information on this website is free of rights and may be used for private, association, scientific and commercial purposes. The FAMHP does, however, recommend stating the source and date of the information that is reused.

Where prior authorisation is required, or where specific conditions are necessary, reuse restrictions are explicitly mentioned. The reuse of multimedia content (photographs, images, sound, videos, etc.), including the content contained in downloadable documents (brochures, etc.), is always subject to prior approval.


Given the diversity of our agency's areas of competence, the various technical and scientific expertise must be present, and consolidated both internally and externally. This must be done through strictly defined, transparent and secure partnerships. This explains the absolute necessity of cooperative links between competent authorities, whether national, European or even global.

The strengthening and expansion of interaction mechanisms with our partners is one of the major achievements since the creation of the FAMHP.

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